What I do for your 15 point annual service


    1. Check for oil leaks from tank and above ground piping/fittings.
    2. Check for significant corrosion on the boiler’s outer sheet metal, its cast-iron
      sections, flue, electrical controls, nearby piping and components.
    3. Clean/Replace fuel filter.
    4. Check operation of oil shut-off valve.
    5. Check that ventilation is adequate.
    6. Clean/adjust spark electrodes.
    7. Clean burner diffuser and air tube.
    8. Check ignition transformer, HT cable and porcelain for cracking/deterioration.
    9. Check operation of draught stabilizer.
    10. Check/clean flame photocell.
    11. Clean boiler gas side heat transfer surfaces..
    12. Check operation of high limit thermostat.
    13. Adjust burner pressure and diffuser plate to obtain correct flame shape/length.
    14. Check operation of flame failure device.
    15. Replace burner nozzle.

      In addition to the above checks, I also carry out a combustion efficiency test on the appliance. This will ensure that the boiler is operating at its optimum efficiency. A full written report and effiency test printout will be left for you to keep.

What do you gain from an annual service


  • Prolong the life of your boiler
  • Save you money by keeping it running more efficiently
  • Protect against more costly boiler breakdowns and repairs
  • Be more environmentally friendly
  • Bring you peace of mind, knowing that it is safer for you and your family

All this for a fixed price of only €80